Let's Work Together...It Takes a Community....

We are working to shift education accountability to the demand side. That way, the school reform process could function at an equilibrium. 

 Our goal is to collect school level data, analyze the information, publish periodic reports, and hold stakeholders accountable at all levels. 

Our bi-annual forums will provide stakeholders the opportunity to inform the public; get data for evidence-based policy-making; and also have schools share resources.  

School reform is everybody's business...and it does indeed take a village to raise a child. 

There are so many opportunities to take action. 

Please see below!

We Need Our Community as a Village

"It takes a village to raise a child" (African Proverb). 

In like manner...

"it takes a community to improve a school and reform an education system" 

(Rebecca Oluwatoyin Doherty). 

Let us work together to provide a quality school and public education system for all.

Let's Work Together!

1. Volunteer

We need volunteers to act as ambassadors! You can help in so many ways: 

1. Neighborhood Tutors to support student learning

2. Neighborhood Door Knockers to collect data on our Listen & Learn Tours

3. Neighborhood Forum Organizers to engage community members

2. Download our App

Stay tuned. We have a mobile application for schools, families, policy-makers, and community members to engage with our data. 

3. Plan the Bi-annual Forum with Us

Our bi-annual forum is our opportunity to bring all stakeholders together to discuss the purpose of schooling and share updates on the progress made towards school improvement, systemic reform, and demand-side education accountability.

4. Attend our Bi-Annual Forum

Discussing Purpose, Reviewing + Planning Progress

Stakeholders will discuss the progress made on the findings of the periodic reports. We believe a bi-annual forum is essential to address school-level problems as a  matter of urgency. Also, an issue addressed one year later is no longer as relevant to the specific group of students at their grade levels.


Washington, DC


Washington, DC

5. Talk About the Findings



Share your thoughts on our social media platforms or tag us when you discuss with others. Our hashtags are #ALVAINAInfo, #DemandSideEdReform; #CommunityBasedEdReform; #DCSchoolReform; #DCEdReform



We have created a blog to discuss the findings @ALVAINA Info Hub. This page also serves as a hub to collate all things news, new, or noteworthy in school reform. 

Live Radio & Podcasts


Look out for our schedule of ALVAINA Radio Shows & Segments to take this conversation further for action. 

6. We Need Data Collectors + Communicators of Research

We urge radio talk-show hosts especially to periodically host an ALVAINA segment on their show (to help us collect data from community members on what's working and the barriers to accessing a quality education in our schools). The audio recordings or written content of the segments can be emailed  to us.  Also, the findings published in our quarterly reports can be communicated to the public during ALVAINA Segments! 

To find out more about collaborating, contact us!

7. Share Data As We Make the Case for Citizen-Led Data at the School Level

We acknowledge the dearth of school-level data on indicators beyond test scores and the need for timely information collected and reported by the people--the community.

Also, based on our experience, we have observed that systemic reform in public education looks different at the school level. Every school has its unique needs and problems. And, implementation of these mechanisms may look different at each school and even in an individual teacher's classroom. 

We invite community members to report on school-level data. Tell us about your barriers to accessing a quality Prek-12 education and the successes you have experienced at the school level.  The community includes all participants in the schooling process at the home, school, and government levels, concerned citizens, and the private sector.

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