ALVAINA Foundation




Families engage as they ...

  1. Connect with each other and their schools' administrators 
  2. Take school-related opinion polls on topics & RSVP for events
  3. Organize transportation ride-share and walking-buddy groups
  4. Find free tutors for their children 
  5. Send concerns directly to their schools' administrators (e.g. issues, solutions, ideas)

Schools receive technical assistance such as...

  1. Reports on data collection 
  2. Strategy and implementation 
  3. Hands-on education advising 

We like to call it "Demand-side Education Accountability"....

It simply means working together as a community to increase the quality of our schooling experience and the number of great schools--especially in our underserved communities. 

Our customers are schools and government, and our end-users are all community members. 

"It takes a community to improve a school and reform an education system" (R.O. Doherty)