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Thank you for visiting ALVAINA. ALVAINA is an acronym for A Leadership & Learning Venture Accessible Internationally and Nationally for All. 

Our Rationale

We are concerned about communities affected by problems rooted in social polarization and economic inequality. We believe education is an ingredient that can be used to address these problems through school, family, and community participation and cross-sectoral collaboration. We work with youths as catalysts for change. Thus...


...our mission is to bridge the socio-economic development gap through research-based education programs, advocacy, and technical assistance.



We are a think-and-do tank. We identify unusual, yet critical problems within and across communities. We think of access and equity issues without compromise. We do not arrive at a solution until we have thought through its sustainability plan. We approach and solve problems in ways that will make a lasting impact,—community participation.

ALVAINA started as an independent study project during the founder's graduate studies. Since its inception, ALVAINA’s board members have been women. This has been a conscious decision to join the global effort in closing the gender equity gap by having more women involved in decision-making processes.

Similarly, we make a conscious effort to involve youths as volunteers or project staff members. We believe this is important in ameliorating the problem of youth un-/under-employment.  



Youth: ALVAINA is committed to bringing about socioeconomic change by supporting youth participation at all levels of development. 

Access: ALVAINA stands for A Leadership & Learning Venture Accessible Internationally and Nationally for All. Thus, issues around barriers to access are at the core of our thinking. 


– Maintaining a support network with local and international Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) for community mobilization and participatory planning.


– Building partnerships with higher education institutions to harness their hard & soft infrastructural capacities for research and implementation.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap of social polarization and economic inequality amongst local, national and international communities  

Our Framework

Community-based ("Demand-side") Education Accountability

Big ideas take time. We started with after-school time activities then grew to summer enrichment programs. From our lessons learned, we have now pivoted and embarked on our core project, a conceptual framework to shift education accountability to the demand side--through a community engagement approach.  

ALVAINA as a Conceptual Framework

ALVAINA's conceptual framework promotes citizen-led data collection on schools through different channels: podcasts, surveys, focus groups, interviews, social media, etc. We collect data on community members' success stories, barriers and solutions to accessing a quality PreK-12 schooling experience. Then, data findings are disseminated among stakeholders (e.g. principals, district leaders, and community members) for the purpose of school improvement, resource allocation, and mutual accountability.  Conversations on status, progress, and plans in response to the findings are held at our Quarterly Principals Roundtable and Bi-annual Public Forum events. We offer ongoing technical assistance to schools and districts.

Replication & Scale

ALVAINA is a conceptual framework that other organizations or districts can adopt.

Please contact us to collaborate and scale.


Defining the Problem at the Intersection of Research + Policy + Practice

Access, equity, teacher quality, and community engagement remain pertinent issues in education reform. In view of the need for more emphasis on family and community engagement, A Leadership and Learning Venture Accessible Internationally and Nationally for All (ALVAINA) is building a framework that seeks to shift education accountability to the demand side. Through this framework, ALVAINA aims to collect both qualitative and quantitative data from community members on their success stories, barriers and solutions to accessing a quality PreK-12 schooling experience and share the information with relevant stakeholders. The community includes every person or entity in-/directly affected by the schooling process (e.g. the general public, concerned residents/parents, students, PreK-12 school/higher education staff members, community/youth leaders, nonprofits/funding partners, government staff and elected officials). 

With special interests in early childhood through secondary schooling and youth issues, ALVAINA uses research-based education programs, advocacy, and technical assistance to address problems around social polarization and economic inequality. We support schools and government in making evidence-based decisions and sharing effective practices or resources with our data insights. 


Our Target Population

Our Story

Over the years, we have accomplished a lot in collaboration with our partners and as an organization. We started with after-school and summer programs. Also, our work has ranged from developing Theoretical Frameworks to performing Consultancies, and advocating on Special Initiatives.  Please view the photos, video, and our partners' logos as we tell our story. All stakeholders are so important to our cause!  


Future/Leaders of America Institute (FLAI)

Our flagship program, F/LAI develops students’ leadership, entrepreneurship, and scholarship abilities by providing life-long learning experiences through Selected Interactive Workshops; Financial Literacy Modules; Public Speaking & Speaker Series; Movie Series; Excursions; and Civic Engagement. 

- "The 'Future' is Now"

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Our Team

Rebecca Oluwatoyin Doherty

Rebecca Oluwatoyin Doherty

EdM., U.S. Education System, Harvard University • M.A., International Education, The George Washington University • B.A, English (Pre-law), Howard University  

Elizabeth Hammett


EdM, Global Competence & Curriculum Development, Harvard University • B.A., Theater, Middlebury College 

Efe Osagie-Odeleye


MPA, Government Administration, University of Pennsylvania • B.A., Journalism, Rutgers University 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this approach make schools look bad?

No. ALVAINA's framework aims to enhance evidence-based decision making and resource sharing for schools. We have consulted with school leaders and they are excited about this opportunity! It is also worth noting that ALVAINA's logic framework includes MySchoolDC - the Districtwide school quality rating as a measurement. We are not duplicating efforts but introducing a unique approach to school reform that connects with our ecosystem.

Why are we talking about accountability?

Accountability is a simple term to make sure all stakeholders (as a community) take responsibility for school and public education reform. Demand-side just means that it is heavily driven by the community.  

Our biannual forum creates the opportunity for all stakeholders to come together to discuss the purpose of schooling and the progress made on school improvement and systemic education reform.  

Is ALVAINA's framework replicable or scalable?

Yes. ALVAINA is a pioneer in this approach to demand-side education accountability. We intend to start with a pilot in DC and expand to other schools and districts. 

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